Canada Post rolls out holiday gift catalogue

A dozen online retailers said yes to the concept of showcasing their holiday wares in a glossy gift catalogue produced and delivered by our country's increasingly opp-savvy mail service. Next up? Spring!

The first edition of Canada Post’s new lookbook gift catalogue is now dropping into the mailboxes of 700,000 Canadians across the country. The glossy, 28-page publication includes holiday-themed offerings from a dozen online retailers whose eclectic assortment of merchandise potentially adds up to one-stop electronic shopping. Included are: Eddie Bauer,, Brookstone, Bra Smith, Lush Cosmetics, Cabela’s sports outfitters, Ben Moss jewelry, SmartHome, Naturalizer, AutoSport, Ashton Green and Stacks and Stacks homewares.

Paulina Sazon, Canada Post’s marketing manager in charge of catalogue and retail strategy, tells MiC the plan is to produce spring and holiday catalogues in 2007 and probably four editions per year in the future. Recipients of the next two editions of lookbook will exceed one million. Additionally, over 10 million impressions to support the catalogue initiative will be sought through an integrated marketing campaign combining interactive, PR and other direct marketing channels – all of which Canada Post will continue to do in-house.

As reported in strategy in August, a big draw for merchants is Canada Post’s use of its own proprietary prospecting tool SnapShot, which allows catalogue recipients to be highly targeted – as well as the option of risk-share fee-per-buyer rates (if you don’t get a response, you don’t pay).