‘Vous-Tube’ hits Quebec market

Now les Québécois, as well as other French-speaking show-offs, have their own sites for posting le bon, le brute and ... l'ugly - and advertisers are already along for the ride.

Mais oui, it was bound to happen – tontuyau.com, a YouTube-type website dedicated to the Quebec market was launched recently by the owners of dating site, clickmenetwork.com.

Like its much larger counterpart, the video sharing site allows users to upload anything and everything, including music and sports clips, as well as self-produced work. Interestingly, commercials by marketers such as Bombardier and Familiprix, as well as French versions of Canadian Tire and Bell Canada spots, have already made it into an area of the site devoted to advertising. Montreal-based Networld Media represents the new site.

Something must be in the Quebec air: Just last week, Montreal-based Juste pour rire (justepourrire.com) launched its own come-one, come-all video sharing site. As with its English-language counterpart, Just for Laughs, the site also contains clips from professional comics as well as content from its ongoing comedy festival and even amusing TV commercials. Pontiac and eBay are currently advertising on the French-language site.