Gesture-based ad network set to grow

Interactive mall floors across Canada was one of InTouch Media Group's mandates for 2007. Now, Titan Worldwide is signing on for expansion efforts in gesture-based interactive advertising...

New York-HQ’s Titan Worldwide has been awarded the exclusive contract for selling interactive advertising solutions licensed by Mississauga-based InTouch Media Group. For the next five years, Titan will integrate gesture-based technology into its suite of advertising solutions. The technology allows consumers to interact with visual displays projected onto any number of surfaces within public spaces.

InTouch Media Group director of sales and marketing David Leetham says the new relationship will hasten the deployment of such displays across Canada this year. Titan and InTouch will also begin to implement SMS keywords and short codes (for e-coupons, contact info and URLs) as another way for consumers to interact with the displays. For more on InTouch Media Group’s use of gesture-based technology, see the Nov. 27, 2006 issue of MiC or click here.