Montreal Gazette promo teases via scrawled lipstick notes

To promote its upcoming special report Degrees of Separation, which focuses on the dominant role of women in Canadian universities, the newspaper will infiltrate washrooms and changing rooms with hard-to-miss messages on the mirrors.

Between Jan. 30 and Feb. 7, men’s and women’s washrooms and changing rooms in 10 fitness centres and about 40 restaurants and bars in the Montreal area will be festooned with decals that appear to have been scribbled in red lipstick. The eye-catchers are promotions for an upcoming special report in the Montreal Gazette entitled Degrees of Separation – a series that focuses on the dominant role women are playing in a majority of Canadian universities.

That fact explains the creative – from Montreal’s Bleublancrouge Agency – which has two executions: ‘We kick butt’ and ‘Don’t call me, I’m studying.’ Below the scrawl is a rectangular white card reading: ‘Women now rule at school. What’s next? Read our special series from February 3 to 7.’

The targeted environments, all between downtown Montreal and the West Island, are part of the sport and resto-bar networks operated by Montreal-based Zoom Media.