Touché!phd chooses ‘don’t tell it, show it’ on-screen M.O. for media pitches

The pictures on the newly installed giant screens at the Montreal agency impart far more than a thousand words to the agency's media strategists as they contemplate which products and proposals to pursue and which ones to take a pass on.

In what’s regarded as a first in Canada, Montreal’s Touché!phd (a division of PHD Canada) has taken a quantum media leap by creating an internal TV channel so its planners and buyers can view proposed advertising, internal work in progress, and news via direct signal from a TV network. Montreal firm X20 Media is supplying the digital signage technology, which allows easy management of video, photos and text content, all on one-hour rotations.

Dubbed Touché!TV, the new tool’s content arrives on giant screens in three spots where, the agency claims, more than $100 million in media space is planned and bought annually. One screen is in the work space of about 30 media strategists, a second one is in the board room, and a third in the Touché Café lunchroom.

First to showcase its wares on Touché!TV was Toronto-HQ’d Astral Media Outdoor, whose proposed advertising is now rotating on screen. All ad revenues generated will be directed to the Pioneer Fund, whose goal is to motivate Touché!phd employees to be innovative in finding new media solutions.

A media kit for advertisers is available at: