TV prodco seeks a digital Second Life

Audiences are doing it. Broadcasters are doing it. Why shouldn't the prodcos get in on the migration of content to multiple digital platforms? Marking a first on the Canadian scene, Toronto's Peace Point Entertainment is going digital with its brands - from building a Second Life to re-vamping its TV series for compatibility with the world of Web 2.0.

Toronto-based Peace Point Entertainment – the prodco responsible for the Food Network’s Food Jammers, Global’s DecAIDS, OLN’s Ed’s Up and TVtropolis’ Fanatical – is moving into the digital realm with some innovative distribution. Under the direction of newly-appointed director of new media Eric Blais, the company is putting Food Jammers into the Second Life‘s virtual universe and producing mobisodes for Ithentic. The company will also release selected series on DVD and iTunes. A former consultant for Toronto-based Adeo Communications and web producer for, Blais’ mandate is to build the company’s presence in the digital universe.

The character featured in the opening sequence of Peace Point’s Food Jammers, FJ Newman, will go live in Second Life as a lemonade stand operator. Starting in mid-February, a TV set at the lemonade stand will pump out promo clips of the series, and avatars who interact with the character can win a Food Jammers t-shirt. The avatar and lemonade stand was created by Toronto-based Loop Media.

The prodco’s digital strategy includes a number of mobisodes for New York-based Ithentic, putting Peace Point shows into the world of catalogued content for mobile devices and cell phones. The prodco’s TV series’ websites, as well as the company’s corporate website, are being re-designed to leverage all that Web 2.0 has to offer: user-generated content, social communities and collaborative workspaces. The re-vamped is poised to become an online playground for fans.