Did the double amputee ever reach the peak of Everest?

Two premieres on Discovery Civilization this month are going after an audience with a penchant for peaks - mountains, that is. Risk takers and a double amputee try for the tallest of them in Everest: Beyond the Limit, while Man vs. Wild gives adventurers a peek at other mountain ranges.

Everest: Beyond the Limit documents a two-month climb of the world’s tallest mountain during one of the most brutal spring seasons ever recorded. Part of the show’s appeal is the range of characters who are trying for that goal: New Zealander Russell Brice leads the climb with 25 years of experience on Mount Everest; Tim Medvetz is a bike crash survivor; Mark Inglis is a double amputee hoping to be the first amputee to reach the top; Mogens Jensen is an asthmatic Iron-Man competitor from Denmark who plans to climb without supplemental oxygen; and Max Chava is an experienced climber who’s reached every peak on every continent except Everest. The six-part series premieres Saturday, Feb. 17 in the 7 pm ET/4 pm PT time slot on Discovery Civilization Channel.

Man vs. Wild, a 13-part series set to premiere on Tuesday, Feb. 27 at 10 pm ET/11 pm PT, takes viewers to a few other peaks with an extreme travel and survival theme. The series kicks off with a episode set in the Alaskan Mountain Range, while later shows take on mountains in Sierra, Nevada, the snowy Alps and Hawaii’s volcano, Mount Kilauea. The show’s host, adventurer Bear Grylls, gets himself trapped on desert islands, lost in the wilderness and stranded in snowscapes to show viewers how to get out of trouble. He’s the youngest British climber to reach the summit of Mount Everest, the first person to cross the north Atlantic Ocean in an inflatable boat, and he’s written books about both experiences.