CTV nets treasure with Burnett’s Pirate Master

Pirates. The latest trend in adventure entertainment. It was only a matter of time before Mark Burnett seized the opportunity. The search for hidden treasure is coming to Canadian television, but will the marketing opportunities cross platforms? Not in this deal...

CTV has snapped up the rights for Pirate Master: The Adventure Begins, a new reality series from Mark Burnett Productions. The show drops 16 ordinary people on a pirate ship sailing the Caribbean in search of hidden treasure. The crew are beached on islands armed with only a map and a compass. One privateer is eliminated each week until three crew members remain. The last man standing wins a cash prize of $1 million. Casting is underway, and production skedded to begin soon. No host has been named.

The show will debut on CBS following the wrap-up of
Survivor: Fiji (the 14th edition of the reality TV brand). CTV will add Pirate Master to its summer schedule along with Canadian Idol, So You Think You Can Dance? and On the Lot (the net’s other recent acquisition from Burnett). CTV’s deal for Pirate Master was initiated at NATPE’s Las Vegas market in January.

CTV is making presentations to its advertisers.
Multiplatform rights are not part of the Pirate Masters deal, but the net is open to other marketing ventures such as contests tied to the show. No time slot is confirmed, but the net plans to air two episodes per week.