Hockey Night in Canada growing steadily
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – Feb. 12-18, 2007

Several major programs lost a few thousand viewers here, or a quarter million there, on the BBM/Nielsen Top 30 heading into mid-February. Global put 24 against CTV's Corner Gas. Read on to see who got the lead...

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+) according to BBM/Nielsen – Feb. 12-18.

Monday: CTV’s CSI: Miami took the 10 pm time slot with an average 2.941 million viewers. The net’s Corner Gas raked in 1.703 million viewers to win the 8 pm time slot (Global’s Prison Break, which topped Corner Gas in recent weeks, did not air the week of Feb. 12-18), and about 1.078 million viewers stayed around for CTV’s The Class at 8:30 pm. Global’s 24, however, also earned a healthy 1.598 million viewers for the 8-10 pm time slots. At 9 pm, CTV’s Law & Order: CI got 1.164 million viewers, down from 1.455 million the previous week.

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol earned 2.882 million viewers in the 8 pm time slot, down from 3.153 million viewers the previous week. Global’s House won the 9 pm time slot again with a 2.777 million average, up from 2.449 million the previous week, but CTV’s Criminal Minds got 1.645 million, up from got 1.3 million the previous week. The 10 pm time slot went to CTV’s Law & Order: SVU with 1.877 million.

Wednesday: CTV’s CSI: New York took the 10 pm time slot with 2.639 million viewers, down from 3.3 million on the previous week’s charts. The net also took the 9 pm time slot with American Idol‘s 2.460 million average. And the 8 pm time slot delivered 1.542 viewers to Global’s Bones, which beat CTV’s Lost by almost a quarter million that night. CBC’s Little Mosque on the Prairie averaged 1.112 million in the 8 pm block.

Thursday: CTV’s CSI kept its winning streak in the 9 pm time slot with 3.464 million viewers. Global’s Deal or No Deal seemed to lose noticeable steam, dropping from 2.193 million to 1.717 million viewers in the 9 pm time slot. Global’s Survivor: Fiji won the 8 pm time slot with 2.343 million, a slight drop from the previous week’s numbers, against CTV’s Grey’s Anatomy, which gained almost 100,000 viewers for a new average of 2.306 million. The 10 pm time slot went to CTV’s ER, which measured 1.953 million viewers against Global’s Shark, which fell by a quarter million viewers to a new average of 1.246 million.

Friday: CTV’s Ghost Whisperer got the highest Friday night numbers with 1.547 million viewers at 8 pm, while no contender for that time slot made the Top 30. CTV’s Law & Order hit an average of 1.437 million viewers in the 10 pm time slot, again with no rivalry on the charts.

Saturday: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada, airing from 7 pm to 10 pm, saw another consecutive increase in the night’s audience. The net’s new average sits at 1.708 million, up from 1.667 million viewers the previous week (and 1.582 million the week before that). CTV’s Crimetime at 8 pm did well with 1.199 million viewers.

Sunday: The night’s 9 pm audience went to CTV’s Desperate Housewives with 2.037 viewers. The net’s Amazing Race took 8 pm with the second highest numbers of the night: 1.992 million. The 8 pm time slot went to Global’s Simpsons, which got 1.153 million.

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