Make-up artists extend their reach with B Magazine

Toronto women have a new source for both local and international coverage of the beauty industry via B Magazine. Yes, a mag called B. Hey, it worked for Oprah...

A new free monthly beauty, wellness and anti-aging mag – called simply B Magazine – launched in Toronto last Friday with a primary target of women aged 25-55. The magazine’s co-editors, Jayne Hobbs and Maddy Dennett, were founders and directors of the Canadian Network of Make-up Artists.

The first 50,000 copies of B Magazine, a partnership between Star Media Group and Paper City Mag, were distributed via Dreamboxes, Metro boxes and Gateway Newsstands. The mag will also hit selected salons and spas.

Star Media Group VP business ventures Carol Peddie says B Magazine will break its three main coverage categories down as follows: beauty (skincare, makeup, hair and nail care, salon and spa, and style and image); anti-aging (cosmetics, injectables, laser treatment, medical clinics, prescribed skincare, and paramedical services); and wellness (nutrition, health and lifestyle, fitness, and travel).