Thursday’s anatomy goes grey, and Ugly Betty looks good
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – March 12-18, 2007

On this national chart, Thursday night's got a new champ from CTV. Global's got seven spots on the Top 30. CBC's got four. If you zoom in on the regional charts, like MiC did for today's BBM/Nielsen Top 30 coverage, you'll see a spotlight on Citytv.

Spotlight on Citytv: CHUM Television’s Citytv doesn’t usually make the national BBM/Nielsen Top 30, but it’s got some programs showing up on the regional charts. Citytv’s Ugly Betty, for example, earned Thursday night averages of 265,000 viewers in Toronto’s 8 pm time slot and 48,000 in Calgary’s 9 pm time slot. America’s Next Top Model, in the Wednesday 8 pm time slot, earned 258,000 viewers in Toronto and 164,000 in Vancouver. America’s Funniest Home Videos, in Toronto’s Sunday 7 pm time slot, earned 273,000 viewers.

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen – March 12-18.

Monday: CTV’s Corner Gas won the night on this Top 30, raking in 1.889 million viewers for the 8 pm time slot. Global’s House was the closest 8 pm contender, averaging 1.404 million. CTV’s CSI: Miami, which has taken the top Monday spot in recent weeks, came second highest for the night, with 1.861 million viewers in the 10 pm time slot (down from 1.964 million the previous week). Global won the 9 pm time slot again with 24, which raked in 1.37 million (down from 1.532 million the previous week). CTV’s Law & Order: CI, in the 9 pm time slot, did 1.132 million on this chart, a slight drop from 1.188 million.

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol won the night with a two-hour 8-10 pm time slot and a 2.742 million average, up from 2.522 million the previous week. The net’s CSI came second, with an average of 1.529 million viewers for the 10 pm time slot on both Tuesday and Thursday. Global’s House took the 9 pm time slot with 1.308 million viewers, down from 2.495 million for its previous Tuesday night airing.

Wednesday: CTV’s American Idol won the 9 pm slot with a 2.272 million average, down from 2.456 million the previous Wednesday (and 2.477 million the week before that). The net’s CSI: New York took 10 pm with 1.585 million, up from 1.42 million the previous week. Lost, in the 8 pm time slot, delivered another win for CTV with a 1.206 million average (down from 1.225 million) against Global’s Bones, which got 1.180 million. Global’s Crossing Jordan did 1.138 million (up from 1.114 million) against American Idol.

Thursday: Grey’s Anatomy, CTV’s 9 pm offering, took second place to American Idol on this Top 30 – winning prime time for Thursday with a 2.7 million average. Global’s Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? won the 8 pm time slot with an average of 1.804 million, a slight increase from 1.75 million the previous week. CTV’s Criminal Minds, at 10 pm, earned third spot in Thursday night programming, taking 1.640 million, a healthy increase from the previous chart’s 1.279 million.

Friday: CTV’s Law & Order was the only drama to make the Top 30 for Friday night programming, raking in a 1.183 million average in the 10 pm slot.

Saturday: CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada – Game One – averaged 1.633 million viewers, a healthy increase from 1.359 million viewers the previous week. Game Two, airing from 10:07 pm until 12:58 am, averaged 1.005 million viewers. CTV’s Bloopers, in the 8 pm slot, earned a healthy 976,000 average. The net’s Law & Order: CI, at 10 pm, got an average of 954,000 viewers.

Sunday: CTV’s Amazing Race keeps its crown as the Sunday night champ. In the 8 pm slot, the show raked in 1.821 million on this chart, down from 2.063 the previous week. CBC’s Test the Nation put up a good fight, though, raking in 1.501 million in the 8 pm slot. CTV’s Cold Case delivered an average 1.341 million viewers to the net in the 9 pm time slot, down from 1.59 million the previous week.

For lists of the top 30 TV shows nationally and by region for the week, according to BBM/Nielsen, please click the links below: