Big hairy deal from Boston Pizza

Confirmation that sasquatches do exist - and blog! - arrived with today's launch of a charismatic new spokescritter named Louie.

Nobody’s saying whether it’s the proximity of forests to DDB Canada Vancouver that inspired its creatives to cast a sasquatch as Boston Pizza’s newest spokes… uh, person and launch him into cyberspace with his own blog. But whatever the impetus, after a two-week national TV & print teaser campaign with the tagline ‘Tall, dark and hungry,’ Louie was revealed as the chain’s (hairy) new face today.

All details were not available by MiC‘s deadline, but the multimedia campaign includes a 30-second TV spot breaking nationally today on TSN, Sportsnet, HGTV, Food, Space, Comedy and MuchMusic. Vancouver-based VP of marketing corporate services for Boston Pizza Canada Joanne Forrester tells MiC that on April 2, the next phase will see Louie star in Boston Pizza’s new Simply Italian promo spot on major networks across Canada. Media buys are being handled by PHD Canada’s Toronto office. Radio, outdoor and possibly PR appearances by Mr. Tall Dark and Hungry himself will be scheduled later on.

Louie’s new blog launched with hilarious postings such as a proud announcement of his appointment as head of ‘department of break stuff,’ a spirited defence of his fellow monster, Nessie; and a strong endorsement of the Outdoor Life Channel. Forrester says her team believes this initiative may be a first for a spokesmyth.