puts brand integration into ‘vodcasts’

The CanWest-owned youth brand is letting sponsors in on its web video series, which launched as podcasts on iTunes this week. launched ‘vodcasts’ (video podcasts) from two of its short-form video series this week, and the brand is currently formalizing sponsorships for the two series. One series, Detox, is a 10-minute weekly podcast delivered on Fridays. The other, Celebrity Friends with Benefits, is a two-minute quick hit served daily from Monday to Wednesday. VP of sales strategy and emerging media Dave Stevens tells MiC sponsorship opportunities for the two podcasts include 7-15 second pre-roll ads and section sponsorships (for music, movies and TV). ‘What we’ll often do is put the sponsor into the video and use brand advertising and content integration on the site, or on the network, to drive traffic to that piece.’

Targeting the 18-34 demo,’s website traffic hit an all-time high of 281,000 unique visitors in February, according to comScore. Future podcasts may include such arenas as gaming and technology, as well as the club scene, which could allow a brand to showcase its users on iTunes.

While a major sponsorship of the podcasts is in the works, CanWest sources would not reveal the marketer.‘s media player just began featuring a pre-roll video ad for the latest Mentos round-gum campaign, while the Bell beaver is also getting prominent display.

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