Sunsilk and MuchMusic staging wig-out contest

Deets are still under wraps about a big payoff for the co-branded initiative, but here's the skinny on phase one.

Yesterday, on both Sunsilk’s and MuchMusic’s websites, a contest was launched that’s bound to draw thousands of folks to rant about their bad hair days – and produce who knows how much leverageable footage for posting to social networks.

Dubbed Wig Out Weekend, the initiative evolved from the now world-famous bridal meltdown spot on YouTube – which turned out to be a sleuth effort for Sunsilk concocted by Toronto’s Capital C. The contest is an invitation to site visitors to post videos in which they rant about their ‘hairiest’ mishaps. Not only is cyber fame in the offing, but there are daily draws for $100 gift cards from Shoppers Drug Mart, and a grand prize of $10,000.

How are the co-sponsors planning to use the videos during Much’s Wig Out Weekend on May 12-13? All MiC can tell you at this juncture is that big marketing news will definitely be made.