Sticking to hockey: BBM Media Snapshot

Homegrown hockey fans are 80% more likely to have purchased an HDTV in the last two years than average Canadians. What else are they up to?

Some 2.2 million (8%) Canadians watch five or more hours of hockey on TV in an average week during the hockey season, and 75% of them are men. Here’s some other useful info about the puck aficionados.

* These hard-core hockey viewers are not just watching hockey on TV; they’re 2.5 times more likely than average Canadians to regularly attend live games.

* This group also plays the game and are 3 times more likely than average Canadians to do so regularly.

* Devoted hockey fans are twice as likely to watch pay-per-view broadcasts via a cable/satellite provider than average Canadians.

* They are 3.5 times more likely than average Canadians to listen to sports play-by-play on the radio.

* As a group, they are 3.6 times more likely to have bought tickets for a sports lottery in the past month than average Canadians.

* TV (94%), Radio (81%), and Internet (61%) are the top 3 media by yesterday exposure for Canadians who watch a lot of hockey.

* The top three formats by weekly radio reach for this group are: News/Talk (32%), Adult Contemporary (23%), and Hot Adult Contemporary (19%).

* After hockey, the top three television program types watched in an average week by hockey fans are News/Current affairs (66%), Movies (65%), and CFL Football (when in season) (42%).

Source: BBM RTS Canada, Fall ’06, Individuals 12+. The preceding information is from BBM RTS, a syndicated consumer-media survey of over 64,000 Canadians, conducted twice a year by BBM Analytics. For more information, contact Andrew Currie of BBM Analytics: