Billboard goes for shock value

DraftFCB puts the sun to work to create a wake-up call regarding global warming.

Clever creatives at DraftFCB Toronto figured out how to actually harness sunlight to dramatically deliver a message about global warming generally, and rising ocean levels specifically. They had an awning attached to a prototype billboard in west Toronto so, as the day progresses and the awning’s shadow shortens, the illusion is created of water steadily submerging the headline: ‘Ocean levels are rising faster than ever.’

The client is the World Wildlife Fund, and the poster directs viewers to its website: DraftFCB CD Robin Heisey, whose team came up with the gently shocking strategy, says a number of regions around the world have expressed interest in using the poster as a wake-up call.

A time-lapse video of the WWF outdoor board in action is online at