Revamped adds virtual clothing try-ons, plus trend blog

Advertiser-friendly Branchez-vous, Quebec's largest indy portal, already gets over 500,000 unique visitors per month; now it's trying for more.

Yesterday, Montreal’s Branchez-vous relaunched its site with added enticements for Quebec women. These include being able to create online silhouettes of themselves to enable the virtual trying on of the latest fashions. As well, a daily blog by celeb Emmanuelle Froment will be devoted to the latest trends in love, fashion, beauty and health.

Other new features on the site include a monthly quiz to enable site visitors to share their feelings and attitudes about various women’s issues. also offers daily gossip about Hollywood stars, plus a daily horoscope.

Advertising opps on the relaunched site are similar to Branchez-vous’ other sites (see MiC story) and include content integration, advertorial and newsletter promotion.