Nivea invites consumers to pop cellulite

Bubblewrap and washroom miniboards have spawned the latest engagement platform.

Prior to exiting washrooms, women typically check their appearance in the mirror. And in the gym environment – surrounded by fitness seekers anxious to sculpt their body – perhaps the scrutiny is even more critical.

Tapping that insight, Nivea is promoting the launch of its Good-Bye Cellulite cream with a campaign that allows consumers to instantly vent fatty cell aggression. Washroom miniboard ads for the new cream are wrapped in bubble wrap which, as we all know, is addictively poppable. And just in case anyone needs an invitation to pop those cellulite-like bubbles, copy for the TBWA- and OMD-created effort reads: ‘Reduce the bumps.’

The ads will appear in NEWAD’s Health and Fitness Network on 360 Miniboards in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton for four weeks.