Loopmedia goes Underground for new platforms

Design shop delves into digital signage and virtual worlds.

Toronto design studio Loopmedia has started a new division called Underground Lane, whose mandate is to explore emerging platforms and establish innovative collaborations – like the one they’ve just done with photographer/director Dan Lim. Forte mixes fashion photography with animation, typography and other elements in four separate ‘stories.’

‘More and more, we see broadcasters looking to create a cohesive branding message across multiple platforms,’ Loopmedia’s Elan Gillespie tells MiC. ‘In addition, retailers and other non-traditional broadcasters are starting to launch their own in-store ‘channels,’ which in turn create new opportunities in design.’

Underground Lane recently created an in-store digital signage design for a US retailer that involves 10 videos playing around the store. The new unit also produced a virtual world for Peace Point Entertainment’s TV show Food Jammers, featuring a 3D lemonade stand and talking carrot character that can interact with avatars in Second Life. As well, they’re working on short films for web, broadcast and mobile applications.