No contest on Thursday
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – May 14-20, 2007

CTV's Lost is falling closer to the bottom of the charts on Wednesday, giving way to Global's Bones. But without Survivor: Fiji and Fifth Grader on Thursday, Global's got nothing on...

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+, all times ET) according to BBM/Nielsen for May 14-20, 2007.

Monday: CSI: Miami on CTV at 10 pm won the night’s highest numbers wth an average minute audience of 2.15 million viewers (up slightly from 2.147 million on the previous week’s national chart). The net’s 8-9:30 pm Dancing with the Stars came second with 1.771 million (up from 1.634 million) against Global’s Heroes, which got 879,000 (down from 924,000). 24 on Global won 1.219 million viewers (down slightly from 1.242 million) with no contest for that time slot.

Tuesday: CTV’s American Idol won 2.787 million (up from 2.451 million) at 8 pm with no contest in that time slot. Global’s House won 9 pm with 2.098 million (down from 2.434 million) against CTV’s Dancing with the Stars, which attracted 1.615 million (up slightly from 1.61 million). The 10 pm winner was CTV’s Law & Order: SVU, earning 1.931 million (up from 1.67 million) against Global’s Gilmore Girls, which got 1.022 million (up from 771,000 viewers).

Wednesday: American Idol climbed back up with 2.227 million (up from 2.042 million) in CTV’s 9 pm time slot, pushing the net’s CSI: New York back down the list with 1.975 million (down from 2.247 million) watching at 10 pm. Global’s Crossing Jordan got 950,000 against Idol, but Bones won 8 pm with 1.242 million (down from 1.402 million) against CTV’s Lost, which fell below the million mark to 875,000 viewers (down from 1.118 million).

Thursday: Only three primetime players made the Top 30, and they all came from CTV. CSI at 9 pm won top spot with 3.029 million viewers (up from 2.803 million). Grey’s Anatomy came second with 1.803 million (up from 1.395 million), airing 7:45-9 pm. ER took over at 10 with 1.729 million (down slightly from 1.766 million). Global must be missing the Thursday night numbers from Survivor: Fiji and Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?

Friday: The 10 pm battle saw CTV’s Law & Order keep its crown with 1.571 million viewers (up from 1.382 million) against Global’s Numb3rs, which got 1.013 million (down slightly from 1.046 million). CTV also made the charts with its Friday night movie, airing 8-10 pm, earning 891,000 on average.

Saturday: Round three of CBC’s NHL Playoffs averaged 1.541 million viewers (up slightly from 1.526 million) on this chart, airing 7-10 pm on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Sunday: Desperate Housewives was back on top with 1.754 million (down slightly from 1.781 million) in CTV’s 9 pm time slot. But Global did well with animated fare. The Simpsons earned 1.078 million at 8 pm and 1.033 million at 8:30 pm, followed by Family Guy‘s 823,000 viewers against Housewives.

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