National Post goes mobile

The National Post has entered the mobile content game - first for BlackBerry users, next for Windows Mobile.

The National Post has partnered with Mississauga-based Virtual Reach to deliver mobile breaking news, headlines, commentary and analysis. After downloading Virtual Reach’s Viigo application to a BlackBerry handheld, users can now get content from the National Post, as well as the Financial Post, and related blogs and market analysis from FP Trading Desk.

The service (based on RSS feeds) launched to BlackBerry users yesterday, giving readers the ability to download Virtual Reach’s Viigo application by mobile email, SMS, or visiting the sites and The Viigo-powered content will be available on Windows-based mobile devices in the coming weeks.

Both the Post and Virtual Reach are exploring ways to monetize the new application, including advertising, although the timing of the opportunities has not yet been determined.

Previously, CanWest content has been available via mobile devices ( on BBTV, for example), but it’s the first time the National Post has delivered content for the platform. Viigo powers the Dashboard Mobile content aggregator that already serves investment banks with info from FP Trading Desk.