Nintendo Wii and Smart car team up for streeters

This week, a fleet of tiny, Wii-enabled vehicles will start roaming Canada's major cities.

Beginning June 20th, Wii enthusiasts in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal will be able to step right up to the back hatch of a fleet of SmartForTwo cars and gyrate through hot Nintendo Wii games. They include: Secret Rings, Sonic, Wii Sports, Tiger Woods PGA 07 and the most recent release, Big Brain Academy.

Skedded to continue until the end of August, the ‘Key to Summer Fun’ initiative arose out of a partnership between Nintendo Canada and Smart Canada. Its aim is to get Wii controllers into the hands of people who haven’t yet tried their luck with the wildly popular Wii technology, while getting up close and personal with the minuscule Smart vehicles. The campaign is being executed by Vancouver’s Inventa, which is also wrangling teams of Wii brand ambassadors to drum up enthusiasm during street encounters.

Consumers can also enter online to win a trip to Toronto on Sept. 1 to accept keys that may or may not start a prize Smart car. Whichever finalist has the right key will win the car and a Wii system. As well, 20 more Wii systems will be won.

Brand advertising will coincide with the summer Smart/Wii tour, but no details were available by MiC‘s deadline. Supporting point of sale material is arriving this week in participating Nintendo retailers including Future Shop, Best Buy and Zellers, as well as Smart dealerships across the country.