Mall advertising gets a boost

A new reach and frequency model helps define mall shopping habits for advertisers.

Clear Channel Outdoor Canada has entered into a partnership with Telmar Peaktime and NADBank to obtain more information on mall shoppers and thus put mall advertising in the same league as other OOH arenas.

‘This tool has been long awaited by the media industry,’ CCO/VP of marketing Alain Simard tells MiC. ‘In the past, the only data we had was the total number of visitors to a mall on an annual basis, and a very limited demographic profile. You need numbers, and we did not have them.’

The new reach and frequency model was created by Telmar, which took NADBank surveys and crunched the numbers to give advertisers detailed information on mall visits and shopping habits for specific malls.

‘This data will allow us to sit in front of advertisers who are not normally mall advertisers – like packaged goods and financial services – and tell them how many people from their target market they would be reaching in a particular mall,’ says Simard. ‘It will allow us to compete for outdoor dollars and help mall advertising be considered a mass media rather than just another niche media.’