G4techTV targets gamers

Code Monkeys should get some nostalgia points from gamers. The new show, one of eight coming to G4techTV Canada, makes TV look like an old-school video game.

G4techTV Canada is targeting Canadian gamers and tech-savvy audiences with some new summer offerings. The Rogers Media-owned digital cable and satellite channel has eight new shows for its summer sked.

Code Monkeys, coming from G4TV in the US, is a new series that literally looks like an old-school video game and revolves around an oddball group of 1980s game designers. It premieres on Monday, July 16 in the 8:30 pm ET/PT time slot. The show comes from writer Adam de la Pena, the creator of Comedy Central’s Busey and a former writer for Jimmy Kimmel Live and Crank Yankers.

Gamer.tv will air weekdays at 11 am ET, starting July 16. The weekly gaming magazine show offers up reviews of the latest games, exclusive news and previews and on-location coverage of gaming world events. The show airs on Bravo in the UK and Starz in North America – with segments also appearing on many websites, including MSN.

Another G4techTV Canada premiere, A Gamer’s Guide To…, is a spin-off of Gamer.tv, with each ep presenting a comprehensive guide to one area of gaming. The half-hour show covers all the main consoles, along with what it’s like to work in the gaming industry and coverage of the Japanese world of gaming. A Gamer’s Guide To… premieres July 21 in the Saturday 12 pm ET time slot.

CNET TV is a half-hour video fix on gadgets, gear and tech reviews in video series such as ‘Buzz Report,’ ‘Insider Secrets’ and ‘The New Edge 2.0.’ It premieres on Tuesday, July 17 in the 8:30 pm time slot.

When Games Attack will hit the 8 pm ET/PT time slot starting July 18. The show looks at gaming from a grown-up point of view with host Dominik Diamond, also known as XTrax Scottish Radio Awards 2007 radio presenter of the year. Diamond travels to locations in the UK and America, from fruit stands to soccer stadiums and casinos, looking for an offbeat angle for the show’s coverage.

Major League Gaming Series, premiering July 22 in the Sunday 7 pm ET time slot, follows the organized gaming league – covering the MLG’s professional gaming circuit.

The IT Crowd premieres on Monday, July 16 in the 8 pm time slot. The comedy series, which first aired on Channel 4 in the UK, follows the IT department for the London offices of Reynholm Industries. The socially inept geeks work out of the building’s busy basement while the go-getters and high-flying execs get the posh offices.

Torrent is a weekly one-hour Internet culture show for tech-savvy audiences. While covering pop-tech stories from around the world, the show also aims to deliver coverage of the explosion of video content on the web. Torrent airs Wednesdays at 8:30 pm ET/PT, starting July 18.