Olive grabs healthy eating community

The Olive Canada Network's latest acquisition in Quebec helps users put together healthy meal plans.

The Olive Canada Network, a partnership between Torstar Digital and Gesca Digital, has acquired SOSCuisine.com, a busy Quebec specialty site that targets young families and professionals with concerns about good health and eating habits. The site helps its users plant their meals each week.

SOSCuisine.com has over 75,000 unique visitors each month, a mostly female audience made up of young families and professionals who are concerned about their health and eating habits.

Olive Canada director of sales and marketing Benoît Chiasson says the site’s users ‘are more than just random visitors, they are in fact devoted regulars and are thus a target of choice for advertisers.’

The Olive Canada Network has a reach over 13 million unique Canadian visitors monthly (comScore Media Metrix, May 2007) through its top-tier sites, which include iVillage.com, CNET.com, ArtistDirect.com, thestar.com, LiveDeal.ca, toronto.com, cyberpresse.ca and tetesaclaques.tv.