Fido showcases new product with fun tie-in

It took a team with a 'waggish' sense of humour to come up with this one.

Recently, Sebastien Moise, Fido’s marketing manager-central region, Angela Fitzpatrick, account coordinator in BOS Advertising’s Toronto office, and their respective teams were kicking around ideas about how to intro a new technological breakthrough.

Suddenly, brand serendipity struck. One of the canine-on-the-brain folks mentioned that Toronto’s historic Distillery District would soon celebrate its 175th anniversary. A quick multiplication later – 175 x 7 = 1,225 in dog years – and the concept of partnering for an anniversary bash was given the go-ahead.

On August 1, therefore, a musical gala at the Distillery will be enhanced by the showcasing of Fido’s new digital exterior video projector system in action. The largest of its kind in Ontario, this baby can handle images up to seven storeys tall by 100 feet wide. It’s being touted as a great new marketing resource, and its unveiling will be done in collaboration with the Thompson Landry Gallery and both the Toronto Film School and the Vancouver Film School. Celebrated Canadian painter Corno and DJ Shane Kingsley will appear as special guests.

Why did Fido choose this particular event? ‘Unveiling this installation (at the Distillery) profiles our brand in a consumer lifestyle space (patronized by) Toronto trendsetters,’ company spokesman Sebastien Bouchard tells MiC. ‘This community initiative is closely tied to our brand promise – ‘Always by your side’ – in that it supports and encourages the emerging artistic community, which is a carbon copy of our own target audience – young urban adults/couples.’

What will be projected on the big night? Bouchard says it’s the installation of a mysterious something called the ‘Fido Spot.’ ‘We know our target is looking for great experiences, and this life-size pin art is a fine example of interactive urban design. Fido will be giving free-thinking urbanites the opportunity to express their individuality and make an impression for all their friends to see.’

Bouchard adds that advertising for the event is still under wraps except for the tag, which is ‘Get Spotted at the Fido Spot.’ BOS will be doing the creative, MBS is handling media buys and, he says, Strut Entertainment has been engaged ‘to produce a chic urban evening . . . that will be memorable.’

Closer to the event date, a contest, dubbed ‘Make an Impression,’ open to the public and involving the pin-art structure, will be announced.