Fluevog tries user-generated media buys

Fluevog asks Fluevogers: If you were a shoe, which mag would you fit in?

Vancouver-based Fluevog Shoes is asking consumers to help with its latest media buy. The shoe brand is torn between three magazines – Alarm, Beautiful Decay or Juxtapoz – so it decided to get consumers to vote on the ‘VogPopuli’ section of its website, www.fluevog.com, which it used last year to help to select creative for a new campaign. Voters are eligible to win subscriptions to one of the three pubs.

‘It made sense to us to let our existing Fluevogers choose the next magazine as they are the ones who will see us in it,’ says Stephen Bailey, Fluevog’s marketing and communications director. ‘We received so many valuable and informative comments from the last VogPopuli sessions that we’re eagerly awaiting the feedback we get this time.’

Bailey says one comment they received last year was: ‘Brilliant idea. I get to feel important, but without any of that nasty smugness aftertaste.’

Fluevog’s current print media buy includes mags like HoBO, Bust, Vice and Radar. Bailey says the target is hard to pinpoint, as it’s more psychographic than demographic. ‘We have everything from 45-year-old lawyers to starving students, celebs to industrial designers, waitresses in Iowa to retired Mums in Ottawa. We usually just revert back to our tagline: ‘Unique Soles for Unique Souls.”