Keys to the VIP gears up for second round

The Comedy Network's top broadband show is gearing up for a second season by blending in with Toronto's night life.

CTVglobemedia’s Comedy Network is hitting the club scene this weekend in search for Toronto’s top playas for the green-lighted second season of Keys to the VIP. The show’s panel of four pick-up specialists/hosts (pictured: Chris, Peachez, Alen, Sheldon) will be on-scene to build buzz for the show’s second season this fall.

Keys booths will be set up at three Toronto clubs – Metro, Distrikt, and Afterlife – to find playas to compete on-air and online. The show is the comedy net’s top-streamed program for on-demand broadband viewing at Over 100,000 streams have been viewed since November. It’s also been picked up by Fuse TV in the US, which has a subscriber base of 45 million people.

The show features guys who think they’ve got the game to get women. Each ep pits two playas against each other to go three rounds to complete various pick-up challenges – while being analyzed by an expert panel. Encore eps from the first season air Tuesdays in the 10:30 pm ET time slot.