Zoom Media bows molded billboards

And they're deadringers for real-life jeans-clad derrieres.

On behalf of Quebec’s La Vie Sportive sportswear chain, Montreal’s Zoom Media has found a way to make a line of blue jeans stand out – literally.

Targeting students 14-25, about 20 roundly molded billboards will festoon McDonald’s restaurants and resto-bars in Quebec City (along with 30 traditional boards) until early September. Bound to draw attention, the eye-catchers are just what the client was looking for.

‘We wanted to do something innovative, something that had never been done before to differentiate ourselves from the competition,’ says Vie Sportive spokesman Damien Miville-Deschenes. ‘With today’s reality, we constantly have to think out of the box to find new ways to renew our advertising strategies.’