Vision Media sidewalk campaign right on the money

Bigger isn't always better for promos. This one's modest but precisely pinpointed.

When the BC Credit Unions chain wanted to get word out that its ATMs offer members unlimited free transactions, the organization turned to Vancouver’s Vision Media for some of its proprietary ‘streetwashing.’ The technique uses large-stencil, biodegradable ads to visually ‘clean’ dirty sidewalks and graffiti-marred walls.

Vision is now executing the ‘Ding Free’ campaign, stenciling the pertinent message on sidewalks directly in front of more than 200 BC Unions ATMs across the province. And as a logical bonus in Canada’s most environmentally conscious province, Vision spokesman Carl Whiteside tells MiC: ‘We’re receiving lots of positive response, bringing ‘green’ attention to us and to our client’ for the nature-sensitive campaign.