Workopolis contest winner to get free tuition

But there's also a viral payoff for every student who submits a goofy depiction of adventures on the job - and even an ad posted on Facebook.

In an effort to relieve some of the tension experienced by students who work part-time, Workopolis’s Campus division has launched the MyJobReel Contest.

Until Dec. 17, any student enrolled in a full- or part-time post-secondary educational program in Canada can post a humourous video of a workplace ritual or situation and get a shot at winning a year’s tuition. Second prize is a professional post-production services package for their video. As well, 20 third-prize video iPods will be awarded.

Toronto-based 58 Ninety developed the contest site and did the creative for an ad campaign for it, which focuses mainly on Web channels including MSN, Yahoo, and Additionally, print ads are running in campus magazines Career Options and Job Postings. But the hands-down most targeted publicity, given the intended demographic, is an ad posted on Facebook (see image above). Workopolis handled media buys in-house.

Submitted videos may be viewed at