Are you shorter than a popcorn popper?

Giant popcorn poppers, electric guitars and a master of the Australian Outback are on Discovery HD's October sked.

Discovery HD has two new series set to premiere next month.

BIG! will debut on Monday, October 1 in the 9 pm ET/PT time slot. Each of the 13 hour-long episodes, hosted by Frank Payne, focuses on constructing a single item in gigantic form. The premiere involves a popcorn popper seven metres in height. Then there’s an electric guitar measuring nine metres in length (pictured) in the second ep – which also features an appearance by rock legend Peter Frampton. Giant blenders, too.

The net’s also got a new series offering up thrills for the couch-bound adventurer. The Wildlife Man follows David Ireland, who has spent years learning the Aboriginal lifestyle in the Australian Outback and getting to know its wildlife. Viewers get up close and personal with the creatures – everything from scorpions and sharks to koalas and kangeroos – through six hour-long eps. The series premieres Thursday, October 4 at 9 pm ET/PT.