Big cheese campaign debuts in Quebec

Cossette's droll strategy for provincial milk producers connects the dots between Quebec's cheeses and its citizens.

On Friday, the Montreal-based Fédération des producteurs de lait du Québec launched a megamedia campaign to promote the vast range of cheeses produced in la belle province.

‘When you’re at the supermarket or a specialty grocery store, you often wonder what kind of cheese to buy,’ explains FPLQ director of marketing Nicole Dubé. ‘The goal of this campaign is to help people recognize and ask for Quebec cheeses.’

Hence, with ‘So many people from here – So many cheeses from here’ as its theme, Cossette Quebec City came up with a series of 19 TV spots. To be broadcast on major French-language TV networks, each commercial features a personality who seemingly embodies one of Quebec’s cheeses. In a nice double entendre, for example, a gruff customs officer is teamed with a semi-soft cheese called Le Douanier.

Two of the TV spots will be presented at Quebec movie theatres in November. An extensive outdoor component will break later this week. It includes two giant murals at the Berri-UQAM subway station, plus about 1,000 posters placed in subway cars, backlit platform displays and elevator doors in office towers. As well, the downtown train station (pictured) will be covered with multi-execution billboards. Sampling will take place in office towers and at the train station. There are also print ads in several popular Quebec magazines, and banner ads online.

CanWest MediaWorks partnered with the FPLQ for the English-language component of the campaign, which includes 5- and 15-second TV commercials on its channels, double- and full-page print ads in The Gazette and web banners on In addition to the creative, Cossette also handled media strategy and buys.