What the A18-49 demo is watching

Traditionally, Monday is 'BBM Day' here at MiC - that's when we've published the BBM/Nielsen Top 30 programs for all persons 2+. Today, we're rolling out weekly Tuesday coverage of the Top 20 programs by market for the A18-49 demo. 'Cause sometimes the demo makes all the difference, right?

Over the last few months, MIC has been getting requests for more TV-ratings intel. Media buyers, after all, can never have too much info. To paraphrase one such call: ‘Nobody buys 2+! Everybody buys A18-49!’

So, in addition to our Monday coverage of the Top 30 TV programs for all persons 2+, we’ll be serving up preliminary numbers that paint a picture of what the A18-49 demo is watching in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary and Total Canada – with all four charts in a one-page PDF.

Print it up. Hang it on your wall. Be the cool kid on the block. It’s all within your grasp – yes, by simply clicking through the link below.

Top 20 Programs for Last Week for Adults 18-49
(Unconfirmed BBM data supplied by CanWest, contains preliminary overnight results only)