Evian gives Second Life users ‘better bodies’

Water does a body good, even when your body's not real.

Evian Natural Spring Water is putting true-to-life virtual vending machines into Second Life to give its residents a better in-world look.

As an avatar approaches a vending machine, a pop-up message appears and offers the opportunity for that person to give their character’s skin a ‘second life, thanks to Evian.’ When the user accepts, he or she gets a bottle of Evian and a variety of skins to choose from.

Once the skin is selected, a virtual transformation occurs for the resident. Bodily presentation becomes more defined, while skin has improved texture and is lit in a more flattering manner.

Evian’s VP marketing for North America Jeff Caswell says the brand has ‘always had its hand on the pulse of what’s hot. With build-it-yourself virtual worlds, fantasy lands and video games increasing in popularity, we felt that Second Life was a fitting platform for Evian to make its virtual debut.’

The initiative puts an ‘unreal’ twist on Evian’s 2007 ad campaign tagline: ‘The most important body of water is your own. Fill with care.’