Pizza Pizza celebrating 40th with rich media toppings

It's also going all out for National Pizza Month.

Toronto-HQ’d Pizza Pizza is partying hearty throughout October, which is National Pizza Month. But Canada’s biggest ‘za chain is also celebrating its own 40th anniversary on the 17th with an extensive visibility campaign throughout Ontario and Quebec.

Included are TV ads, radio spots, billboards and exposure on screens in subways and bus stops, as well as indoor and outdoor signage at Pizza Pizza restaurants. On October 17, every page of the Toronto edition of Metro will be printed on cheddar-orange newsprint.

There will also be advertising in community newspapers and the distribution of millions of flyers – not to mention pizza-spinning demonstrations by champion twirler Juan Hermosillo at dozens of restaurants during October. Web presence, e-mail and media relations elements are also included. All creative was done in-house at Pizza Pizza, and media buys are being handled by Toronto’s Media Dimensions.

As well, Pizza Pizza is launching Slices for Smiles this month. The community program is designed to raise funds to improve children’s lives nationally and globally through better nutrition. To that end, on October 17, participating Pizza Pizza stores will sell discounted medium cheese pizzas and cheese slices with a portion of every sale going to the Slices for Smiles fund.

‘National Pizza Month is a great opportunity for us to celebrate a food product that has become a part of our culture, but also to introduce a fund-raising program that will be of tangible benefit to children everywhere,’ explains Pizza Pizza’s CMO, Pat Finelli.