ConAgra combining snacks and music

The deal: buy snack packs, download free tunes from Puretracks.

Mississauga-HQ’d ConAgra Foods Canada has unveiled an innovative partnership with online music store Puretracks to bring snack lovers and music lovers together, thanks to a new in-store promotion that began late last week.

Until Nov. 30, every purchase of Hunt’s Snack Pack 4s will come with an offer of free music from Puretracks. ‘Music download sites are becoming increasingly popular with Canadians, so this is a great opportunity for us to give our customers more of what they’re asking for – tasty snacks and great music,’ explains Jennifer Leduc, brand manager for Hunt’s Snack Pack.

To redeem the music download, customers simply visit and enter unique PINs found inside each snack pack. Toronto-based Ketchum is handling PR, and no other marketing support is planned for the product rollout.