Global brings back Currents

The popular showcase of documentaries on controversial issues launches its third season this weekend.

Global has brought back its indie documentary showcase for a third season, and is putting six episodes of Global Currents on Saturdays at 10 pm. News anchor Kevin Newman is again the host for the series, which launches Oct. 13 and runs until Nov. 17.

The first of the hour-long docs, ‘Death in the Forest,’ looks at the dangers of the logging industry, calling attention to hazards brought on by cutbacks and deregulation. It will be followed by one-hour one-offs including ‘Stolen Sisters,’ about the rise of violence against aboriginal women; ‘Time Bombs,’ about the use of war veterans in nuclear tests in the 1950s; and ‘Fatherhood Dreams,’ which looks at the thorny issue of gay couples and parenthood.

The series debuted in 2006 and enjoyed a second run earlier this year, facing off against CTV heavyweight W-Five Saturdays at 7 pm. This time, it will run at 10 pm opposite a block of crime programming and CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada.

The filmmakers will write about their projects and take comments from viewers at, which will also include photos and video clips.

From Playback Daily