CTV launches creative agency

Marketing opps with CTV can now be accessed via the company's new shop.

CTV launched the CTV Creative Agency yesterday, promising to deliver an innovative and strategic approach to marketing, promos and advertising through its 28 conventional TV stations, 34 specialty nets and 34 radio stations. It unites the creative resources of CTV and the former CHUM assets.

The agency will handle design and execution of all show elements for in-house productions, including on-air promos, advertising design, street-level marketing and media buys. Internal and external clients will be able to cross-promote across the company’s assets with the agency.

President of creative, content and channels Susanne Boyce made the announcement that the new agency will be led by Rick Lewchuk, SVP for CTV Creative Agency and brand strategy. He was previously SVP program planning and promotion. Reporting to Lewchuk are Jon Arklay, VP of creative services and brand; David Johnson, VP promotions; Kevin Watson, director of advertising; Alanna Barkley-Smith, director of on-air promotions; John Murphy, director of affiliate promotions; and Sandy Fraser, director of Olympic promotions.