Facebook offering $5 a pop for displays on personal pages

Monetization of social networking sites marches on. Now Facebook is partnering with a T-shirt seller to earn commissions on sales of the goofy duds.

BustedTees.com, a web-based company selling amusingly decorated T-shirts, has brought Avon-style multilevel marketing to Facebook. The American company became Facebook’s first affiliate application partner late last month.

Together with sister site CollegeHumor.com, BustedTees is offering $5 to any Facebook user who displays its T-shirt offer and order form on their personal page. Then, in a neat viral wrinkle, anyone who agrees to install the Busted Tees content on their own page from a friend’s page will receive $1 for every T-shirt sold by the friend. Meanwhile, of course, Facebook gets an undisclosed commission on every transaction.