Comedy net bows mock morning show

Good Morning World premieres on TV Nov. 12, but fans can also wake up to short webisodes every weekday morning, and end the week with half-hour recap episodes on Friday nights.

The Comedy Network is premiering its newest original production, Good Morning World, online on Monday, Nov. 12. Five-to-seven-minute webisodes of the show will be available each weekday morning for viewing on‘s broadband player starting the same day. The week’s worth of webisodes will be recapped in a half-hour broadcast episode, airing Fridays at 8:30 pm ET/PT, beginning Nov. 16.

Calgary natives Peter Oldring and Pat Kelly first created the show – in which they star as stereotypical morning-show hosts – as a pet project, posting episodes to After quickly attracting a cult following online, the duo caught the attention of the Comedy Network. Result: 130 webisodes and 26 broadcast episodes will air on the network this season.

Episode highlights from the first two weeks include instructions for viewers on how to conduct a bi-annual umbrella check-up, how to make a breakfast pizza and how to teach their kids about terrorism by making them feel terror. There’s also the inevitable fashion makeover, and features on mock bowling and donuts disguised as bran muffins.