Teletoon getting interactive with Ubisoft, Nintendo and Hasbro

The net is offering beaucoup new contests, including one targeting over-18 cartoon fans.

Teletoon is teaming up with Ubisoft and Nintendo, offering two contests for gamers to promote this month’s launch of new video games – Ubisoft Petz simulation games for Nintendo DS and Super Mario Galaxy for Nintendo Wii.

The ‘Invade Your Space’ contest will introduce gamers to the new Petz games. Fans can enter online at Teletoon’s Petz microsite to win a prize pack including a bedroom makeover, all of the new Petz games and a Nintendo DS. To earn additional contest entries, kids can download a Petz desktop game that obliges them to look after desktop pets.

Additionally, has launched microsites for Hasbro’s My Little Pony and Mio Pup brands. There’s a ‘Let’s Celebrate’ contest on the My Little Pony microsite where kids can enter to win a birthday party for themselves and 20 friends, plus play sets and DVDs for themselves and their guests. They can also download party invitations to colour and give to their friends, and a flip-and-match card game.

As well, a contest and a ‘Zero gravity’ online game will promote the new Super Mario Galaxy game being released this week. At Teletoon’s Super Mario microsite, kids can try for the grand prize of a gaming party for themselves and seven friends at local movie theatres.

On the Mio Pup microsite, kids can enter the ‘Future of Friendship’ contest to win one of 50 Mio Pups. Audiences can also earn bonus entries by watching Teletoon programming from 5-7 pm Monday-Sunday, spotting the ‘Eye-Con’ and then logging onto the Mio Pup microsite to confirm whichever one they saw.

Teletoon is also launching a contest for over-18 viewers to promote its Detour animated comedy programming, which airs nightly starting at 9 pm ET/PT and includes Tripping the Rift and hit Adult Swim title Metalocalypse.

Older viewers are being encouraged to watch two hours of Detour programming nightly and watch for a ‘punch clock.’ Then they can go to the Teletoon Detour microsite and enter the codes they saw to build up their ‘payroll.’ Every two weeks from Dec. 19-Jan. 27, a winner will be drawn to receive the full dollar amount recorded in his or her time sheet. Promotion is being done on the microsite and through promo spots during Detour programming.

Four contests, running until Dec. 9, will be promoted with various promo and billboard spots between Teletoon programming, as well as online at with banner ads and through the Play, Win and Home Page Buttons.

Teletoon Studios produced all of the creative and booked the promo spots in-house.