Grey Cup tops the chart
BBM/Nielsen Top 30 – Nov. 19-25

Last year, CBC's Grey Cup broadcast couldn't take the top spot on the national chart against CSI. This year, the Cup came out on top.

Here are the national winners (for all persons 2+; all times ET), according to BBM/Nielsen, for Nov. 19-25, 2007.

News and daily shows: CTV Evening News at 6 pm fell four spots to #17 with an average minute audience of 1.542 million viewers (down from 1.659 million on the previous week’s national chart). The net’s Jeopardy/Access Hollywood at 7:30 pm stayed at #21 with 1.242 million (down from 1.265 million). CTV National News at 11 pm hit the chart at #29 with 984,000 viewers.

Monday: CTV’s CSI: Miami at 10 pm fell one spot to #5 with 2.578 million viewers (up from 2.403 million). The net’s Dancing with the Stars, airing 8-9:32 pm, stepped up one spot to #7 with 2.308 million (up from 2.098 million), while Corner Gas at 9:32 pm jumped six spots to #14 with 1.609 million (up from 1.283 million). Global’s Heroes at 9 pm climbed six spots to #20 with 1.27 million (up from 1.098 million), while House at 8 pm attracted 1.046 million (down from Prison Break‘s 1.262 million in that time slot the previous week).

Tuesday: Global’s House at 9 pm fell to #2 with 2.714 million viewers (up from 2.626 million) against CTV’s Dancing with the Stars, which climbed four spots to #11 with 1.694 million (up from 1.578 million). CTV’s Law & Order: SVU at 10 pm fell one spot to #12 with 1.694 million viewers (down from 1.753 million) against Global’s Bones, which hit #22 with 1.112 million. Global’s NCIS took the 8 pm time slot again, climbing four spots to #13 with 1.671 million (up from 1.504 million) against CBC’s Rick Mercer Report, which hit #26 with 1.031 million viewers.

Wednesday: CTV’s Criminal Minds at 9 pm actually overtook the net’s CSI: New York at 10 pm on the chart this week. Criminal Minds jumped four spots to #3 with 2.641 million viewers (up from 2.236 million), while CSI: New York fell one spot to #6 with 2.459 million (up from 2.298 million). Private Practice at 8 pm gave CTV another solid Wednesday night with no competition on the chart. The show climbed eight spots to #16 with 1.547 million (up from 1.201 million).

Thursday: CTV’s Grey’s Anatomy at 9 pm fell two spots to #4 with 2.63 million viewers (up from 2.6 million) against Global’s Are You Smarter Than a Canadian 5th Grader?, which hit #25 with 1.041 million. CTV’s CSI at 8 pm fell six spots to #9 with 2.159 million (down from 2.507 million) against Global’s Survivor: China, which fell nine spots to #15 with 1.598 million (down from 2.264 million).

Friday: CTV’s Ghost Whisperer at 8 pm fell one spot to #19 with 1.281 million viewers (down from 1.317 million). Global’s Numb3rs at 10 pm hit #27 with 1.006 million.

Saturday: Nothing on the Top 30.

Sunday: CBC’s Grey Cup game, airing 5:30-10:21 pm, took #1 on the chart with an AMA of 2.887 million viewers (up from last year’s 2.803 million AMA). CTV’s Desperate Housewives at 9 pm hit #8 with 2.166 million; Amazing Race at 8 pm fell one spot to #10 with 1.855 million (down from 2.087 million); Cold Case at 7 pm fell six spots to #18 with 1.29 million (down from 1.682 million); and Law & Order: CI at 10 pm fell halfway down the chart to #30 with 969,000 (down from 1.609 million). Global’s Brothers & Sisters at 10 pm hit #23 with 1.062 million, while Family Guy at 9 pm fell five spots to #28 with 995,000 viewers.

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