First book from a media agency now a bestseller

Developed by PHD, in partnership with Quebec's TVA publications and Dove, de femme a femme is flying off bookshelves.

De femme a femme (From Woman to Woman), an inspirational book about the life experiences of popular Quebec comedian/actress/ singer Judi Richards – plus 29 other women ‘of a certain age’ – has hit the bestseller list at Quebec’s Archambault book chain.

But as remarkable as the real-life tales might be, what’s most unusual about the book in the marketing context is something else. De femme a femme was the brainchild of media agency PHD Canada, in partnership with Quebec’s TVA publications and Dove’s Pro-age products division.

When MiC broke the story in May, a seven-page Pro-age ad featuring Richards had just appeared in 7 Jours, Clin D’Oeil, Femme Plus, Chez-Soi, Ma Maison and Le Lundi. It contained a call to action for women over 50 to submit their life stories for possible future publication.

‘Women become inspired by talking to and sharing with each other,’ says Barbara Owen, brand manager of Unilever Canada’s Dove Face division. ‘The authors of this book are mothers, daughters, aunts and grandmothers (who) submitted their stories to help debunk the beauty stereotype that only the young can be beautiful.’

The best of those CGC stories went into De femme a femme, which was published in September and rushed to Archambault’s bookshelves. Packed personal appearances by Richards followed, with each one featuring sampling events for Pro-age products.

How does PHD Canada feel about making history? ‘We’re extremely proud of the success of the book,’ exclaims strategic planning supervisor Nadia Codispoti. ‘Its ranking also demonstrates the overall success of the Dove Pro-age campaign, showing how well the market responds when we’ve reached them the right way.’

Codispoti says that 100% of the proceeds generated through book sales are going to the Dove Self-Esteem Fund to support ANEB, the Quebec association assisting people suffering from eating disorders – and that this initiative is part of Dove’s overall mission to widen the narrow stereotypical definition of beauty.