Calling all pundits

Some of the best brains in the mediaverse are among MiC's readers. That's why we're inviting them - make that you - to sound off in our annual look back/look ahead series.

Like every other savvy entity in the mediaverse, MiC is going CGC. We’re inviting all you brainiac readers to have your say about a year that’s been a real rollercoaster ride, and to predict what ’08 is likely to bring.

Here are a few questions to kick-start your contribution to our annual look back/look ahead share-athon. But feel free to opine out of the box as well. If it’s media-related and it’s on your mind, let’s hear it.

• What were some of ’07′s big trends and/or harbingers?

• What surprised you in ’07?

• What happened in ’07 that you applaud?

• What happened in ’07 that dismayed or worried you?

• As for ’08, what trends or issues are you spying on the horizon?

• What do you see as the next big opportunity?

• What do you see as the next big looming threat?

Email your opinions and educated guesses to MiC‘s managing editor, Terry Poulton, at:, and then check out how your views compare with those of your colleagues later in the month.