The good, bad, ugly and looming

MiC asked industry pundits to reflect and opine about what happened in 2007 and prognosticate about what 2008 may bring. Stepping up to the plate today is Chris Staples, founder and co-CD of Vancouver's Rethink.

‘This is the most exciting time to be in advertising since the invention of advertising.’ So says Chris Staples, founder and co-CD of Vancouver’s Rethink, in response to MiC‘s request for his thoughts about the year that was and the one that will soon commence. ‘I’m continually blown away by the Internet and its potential for marketers, which has been barely scratched.’

MiC: What are you spying on the horizon in ’08?

‘Marketers are going to have to be careful about the way they use new media. Crass product placements on TV shows and lame ads on YouTube do more harm than good.’

MiC: What ’07 happening do you particularly applaud?

”Evolution’ for winning two Grand Prix at Cannes.’

MiC: What worried you most during the past year?

‘Too few media companies own too many media outlets.’

MiC: What’s the next big opportunity?

‘As always, creating one big idea and applying it everywhere.’

MiC: What’s the next big looming threat?

‘PVRs – although I think they are more of a perceived threat than an actual one. You’d be surprised how many ads you watch, even when you have a PVR.’