Weston, Neilson awarded ParticipACTION logo

Neilson's dairy products and Weston's Wonder+ bread are the first consumer products to be allowed to sport the pro-fitness insignia.

Toronto-based Weston Bakeries and William Neilson announced yesterday that they are the first consumer products marketers to be awarded the distinction of displaying the ParticipACTION logo and website on their packaging.

Weston will spread ParticipACTION’s fitness message across Canada (excluding Quebec) on Wonder+ bread products, while Neilson Dairy will do likewise in Ontario on its 1% and 2% four-litre bagged milk products.

The on-pack promotion will begin in mid-January and be featured on more than 30 million Wonder+ and Neilson Dairy milk bags. The only other element of the initiative is in-store shelf talkers, created by Toronto-based B-Street Marketing.

‘It is only through collaboration with [such] partners that ParticipACTION will be successful in achieving our vision of getting Canadians to be the most active people on earth and realizing a healthier Canada,’ says Kelly Murumets, president/CEO of the 37-year-old, not-for-profit organization, which relaunched in October.