Teletoon orders new series for fall

The tooncaster is going after kids 8-12 with a wish-fulfillment show about tween surfers - and marketing opps are likely.

Fresh TV has started production on a new 13-ep surfing series for Teletoon called Stoked – and the tooncaster has also ordered another 13 eps of 6Teen and 26 eps of Total Drama Action, a sequel to Total Drama Island from the Toronto-based prodco.

Stoked, a character-driven animated sitcom, will target kids 8-12. The show follows five teens who work for one summer at a renowned beach resort on the coast of Western Canada. Over 10 weeks, they share cramped staff quarters, eat disgusting guest leftovers and surf on their days off. The show is set to air on both the English and French Teletoon networks in 2009.

The tooncaster reports it’s a little too early for specifics on sponsorship or marketing integration opportunities on Stoked, but that such opps are likely considering the success of a 6Teen/Reese Puffs contest last June, which brought in over 18,000 entries.

Co-creator Tom McGillis says Stoked combines music, action, laughter and drama to provide total wish fulfillment for landlocked tweens everywhere. ‘A culture of freedom and self-expression with its own language, music, fashion, art and codes of behaviour, surfing is the ultimate metaphor for the endless summer,’ he says.

Teletoon Canada VP programming Carole Bonneau says Fresh TV has ‘expertise in understanding our audience. With sharp writing and strong characters, shows such as 6TEEN and Total Drama Island have raised the bar in animation for tweens and teens and are consistently top performers for our kids 6-11 audience while also drawing impressive numbers of older viewers.’