Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism baits tourists

Here fishy, fishy, fishy. . .

A fun new interactive campaign from St. John’s-based Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism invites users to try to catch a slippery virtual fish. Each time the fish is ‘hooked,’ information about the province’s hunting and fishing offerings pops up.

A similar execution to promote hunting lets users shoot a speedy caribou. When the target is hit, this cheeky tag appears: ‘It’s just you and 450,000 caribou. That’s great, unless you’re a caribou.’

The expanding banner ads target hunters and fishers in Canada and the Northeast US, and are running on sites like and

Users are interacting with the expanding ads 200% more than they did with last year’s static banner ad campaign for Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism.

You can catch your prey here: and here: