‘Kidfluence’ on family spending strong: YTV Tween Report

The latest study from Corus Entertainment's YTV details the effects junior Canadians have on family purchasing and entertainment choices.

The latest YTV Tween Report survey on the lifestyle, attitudes and spending habits of Canada’s 3.3 million kids aged 7-14 was released yesterday.

Findings from the annual survey, conducted by Decode and commissioned by Corus Entertainment’s YTV, found that ‘kidfluence’ continues to play a critical role at home in categories ranging from food and entertainment, to family trips and computer purchases. In addition, by examining the behavioural patterns of survey respondents, and segmenting kids as either high, medium or low influencers, the survey found that those who are encouraged to participate in the family decision-making process tend to be more confident, happy and optimistic overall.

‘The survey results indicate that both kids and parents feel giving children a voice in family decisions, including purchasing choices, is good for their self esteem,’ says Corus Entertainment’s director of research Mark Leslie. ‘It gives kids some areas of control in their lives, and can instill in them the belief that their opinions and judgments are valued.’

Highlights of the survey include:

• Parents indicate that kids influence breakfast choices 97% of the time and lunch choices 95% of the time (with 38% and 31% of kids, respectively, always having an influence in these categories).

• Kids have a say on where to have a casual family meal together 98% of the time (with 34% of kids always having a say on the choice of casual restaurant).

• Kids are being given a choice on their clothing purchases 95% of the time (with 61% of kids always influencing their clothing purchases).

• In an era when kids are the designated ‘in-house tech-sperts,’ kids are called upon for their counsel on software 76% of the time as well as 60% of the time on computer purchases for the entire household, according to parents (with 9% and 7% of kids, respectively, always having an influence on these categories).

• Kids have a say on family entertainment choices 98% of the time, and help decide on family trips and excursions 94% of the time (with 44% and 34% of kids, respectively, always having a say in these categories).

Where are kids getting the information that helps to inform their choices? Friends, classmates and television are the top three ‘go-tos’ that influence their choices and help them decide on their preferences.